Monday, July 18, 2011

Sherbet Pips

Today I finished the Sherbet Pipsquilt.  Yay 
It is much better to think of sherbet in this heat than Christmas quilts!!
I liked how it turned out--I had a feeling that after it was quilted and washed and dried in the dryer it would change quite a lot, and it did.  It got all scrunchy and soft and inviting.  I think it also took up in size quite a bit.  I would say that it shrank, but what it lost in surface area size, it made up in loftiness!

On the weekend we were able to move all the stuff from the cabin that we sold at Sled Lake.

Bittersweet because it was a bit sad to leave our lake friends Ted and Bertha, but glad that we were able to sell it to enable us to have the new place in Savannah (and our new friends Daniel and Silke!). 

(Aliona in her Kayak)
 Lots of good memories there!


  1. I love the Pips quilt!! Very cute.
    Glad to hear you sold the cabin so quickly.....even though it is sad to let it go.

  2. the quilt is "cute" the pictures lovely:)

  3. oooh that a lovely deck setting. ; ) I miss the lake so much. :(((

  4. There I am innocently reading and I see my name! :) Well, you can be glad you are not in Savannah at the moment - yesterday we broke a heat record. It is perfect weather though for hanging out at Gallery Espresso...

    That quilt is really pretty - I love the colors. And the view over the lake is just stunning. I am sure it was very bitter sweet to let it go. We, on the other hand find it quite sweet and can't wait for you to get back here! :)


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