Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday is Party Day!

After lots of planning, tomorrow evening will be our party at the shop to which you are definitely invited!
I hope that lots of you will be able to stop by at some point between 6:30 and 9:30!

As of this moment, 10:30 on Wednesday night, I'm still not too sure what the specials will be...  I always leave that until last minute, otherwise I can't seem to keep selling anything that I know will soon be on sale.
However, I can tell you that I have a new pattern called Tic-Tacs, and that if you attend, I will give you a free copy of it.  After the party it will be $8.00, so you'd better come.  I have it sewn up in two samples, one with lots of bright Art Gallery Fabrics, the other is in the new Buggy Barn flannels.  It is a fat quarter friendly pattern, and easy to pick out the fabrics. 
I'll bring what I have from the new Saturday Surprise Sampler fabrics, the rep kindly gave me the headers so that i can show you the real fabric, although it's not out yet...
Also, this evening I made some Ginger Sparkler cookies, and some Banana Loaf with Chocolate chips in it!
I think there might be some other baking and goodies as well as coffee and tea. 
So, I am getting quite excited and hope to have a lot of fun...
Did I mention that we'll have door prize draws every half hour starting at 7 o'clock for small gifts, and also a Fat quarter label lottery.  That is, from every fat quarter you buy, you can use the label from it as an entry for a larger prize, yet to be determined... that's my job for tomorrow afternoon!!!

(Monika, Flo, Bernie, Mollie, my faithful friends, hope you can be there!!)


  1. Count me in!! Cookies and prizes!! Wow, what more could I ask for!??

  2. Lauren is making lemon cupcakes too!! :)

  3. Man - I have a soccer game at 7:00 so it doesn't work. Sorry to miss it.

  4. Thank you for a nice evening and a great door prize!


  5. What a great night! Thanks Michelle. It was great to see everyone ... the shop was just a buzz of activity. Aren't quilters great :)


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