Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quilt Show!

I'm getting pretty excited for the quilt show that will be happening here in Saskatoon this weekend, on Friday and Saturday!
I've heard that there will be almost 500 items to see! 
We'll be there as a vendor in the merchant mall, so be sure to stop by our booth to say hello and chat. 
also, we will be open at the store for extended hours on both days -- until 8 p.m, each evening.  I hope this will make it easier for a lot of the volunteers and the out-of-town visitors to get to both places.  You'll need to come to the shop in order to use your "40% off one item of your choice" coupon.  We did this last time and had good feedback with it, so will do it again.  (The stuff at the show will not be the same as what's at the shop)
Hope that you are able to attend the Show!  For more information on it, click here to go to their web-site!


  1. i am soooo looking forward to the show this week! however, i think i may need a 'handler' to hold my wallet....i always get so carried away in the vendor section....and i really REALLY don't need any more fabric...well, maybe just a little....

  2. I am excited about the show too! And will come and visit the booth....and probably the store too!!

  3. I saw your poster for the quilt show up in your a few months ago and have been excited every day I will be there tomorrow :)

  4. My Mother-in-Law gets in tomorrow and we are excited to check out the show and pick up this weeks weeks Saturday Sampler blocks.

  5. Whoopee! I loved that coupon. : ) I for one cannot wait to SHOP! lol


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