Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For the last while, I had been dreaming about working on my "own" projects. Most of my time is spent on sewing items that are intended for use at the shop.  I sew samples to highlight certain fabrics or patterns, and I often write the patterns as well.  This is good, but not for every thing that I make.  So, I had envisioned a window of time when I could just be "creative", and use fabrics from my stash in a non-planned way just for my own interest.  Well, that didn't go so well.  I seemed to just be non-directed and un-focused. I did make a few new "orphan" blocks that don't really excite me.

However, I did sew up a simple table runner based on a simple block that I glimpsed on a blog some months ago.  The image really stuck in my mind, and I wanted to try it out.  So, I did, using some muted tones along with a pale gray solid.  I've basted it and even started quilting on it, but quickly realized that I seem to be missing the walking foot for this sewing machine.  Hmm.
Then, I decided that what I really wanted to do is to finish some projects that I started. 

 I pulled out a log cabin that I started back in May, set in a "Streak of Lightning", again in those "Japanese" fabrics in shades of brown, taupe and ivory.  I really like borders, and so I figured out the sizes for this one that has no name.  Basically it is a on point square alternating with a little square in between.  I used this on another quilt some time ago, but don't remember from where I initially got the idea.  
So this is what the quilt looks like now.  I need to mull it over and decide if it needs more borders.   I'm sort of leaning toward another pieced border, but I'm not sure what size.  The complicating factor is that I seem to have used up most of my darks, and am left with a lot of medium colors.  I suppose I could just quilt it and bind it, but that doesn't seem quite right to me.  Any opinions?????
 I hope that you get in some good sewing time today!!
As for me, I'll be working on some Saturday Surprise Blocks for the shop program!! 


  1. Oh my gosh Michelle - that is sunning! Wow on that border too - sheesh! ;)


  2. It's beautiful , love this border !

  3. What a lovely top. I think it is perfect. Why gild the lily! :)

  4. I also think it is lovely now and would, if it were me, quilt it. But I am sure if you added more it would also be great, I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  5. I would probably add a darker, single fabric border (unpieced I think or it will get busy and you will lose the detail of what you already have). Wider than the small dark border you already have. That suggestion/opinion doesn't really jive with the fact that you are out of darks (but then you do have a fabric store for inspiration).

  6. good idea, Heidi! I think that something really simple like that will be the way to go, because I'm just also a bit worried that I'll lose the points into the binding if I were to just quilt it as is. m


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