Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Outburst of Energy

Either I had a lot of energy, or was still very inspired by the quilt-show, or both.  Whatever the cause, I spent several hours in the past 2 days just sewing (and crocheting, but that's another story) and making a lot of headway on several projects:
In no particular order,
 1. sewn together the circular "quilt", which now needs a center, and a idea of what to do with it.  Do I sew it into a quilt top? Just quilt and bind it to use as a small tablecloth? Hmm.
 2. Sewn and quilted and written a pattern! for this little baby quilt using some fussy cut forest animals.  I like how it turned out! 
just the top
 It is so amazing how it looks so different when it is quilted and washed from when it is just a top
quilted and washed
 3. I now have a stack of Six! quilts that have the bindings sewn on, just waiting to be hand-stitched. 
 4.  I decided to play with my "Skill-builder" panel.  I have had this for some time, and it is a fabric that has been printed with a number of designs to practice machine-quilting.  There are border ideas, and 8 blocks as well.  There are lines to follow for the quilting, with little numbers to show you where to get started and what direction to go. 
 I found that it is quite interesting to do.  I'm not able to hit the lines, exactly, but I think the idea is to get the feeling for the flow of the design, so that you are able to do it free-motion later.  I think it will be a useful sampler to refer to when I'm a bit stuck for an idea. 
 And finally, I finished the binding on a quilt that was started many years ago!  This Double Irish Chain uses just white and a green print.  The thing that makes it special is that it was hand-quilted by a dear lady who lives in Saskatoon.  She did a beautiful job on the quilting.  It is quite puffy now, since I washed it, and dried it in the dryer, and has a polyester batt in it.  I like the way the quilting shows up so nicely.  The back of the quilt is a solid white fabric. 

That's my show and tell for this morning! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I just love your fussy cut baby quilt. Lovely colours! I like to fussy cut, too!

  2. Wow, that was a burst of energy!! I need to drink whatever it is you had LOL!

  3. love the circular quilt! the colours are quilt is "cute" and the Irish chain interesting just being the two about stopping for tea - and let's go check out the new Brit Shop - or maybe you already have:)

  4. Michelle,
    Where did you find that panel for "practising" your quilting. I really struggle with this and need to practise more. I try to do table runners and baby quilts but lack ideas for anything other than stippling.


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