Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Fun Technique

One of the things that I did at the retreat was to play with a pack of 5-inch charm squares that I've been wanting to do something with.  I'd also had an idea about how to do a sew/cut/sew project.
So, the idea was to make this block using a quick-sew technique:

 I made this little top starting by sewing them together into one big grid of squares!

1. sew 5-inch squares all together-- I started with 48 squares.  I sewed them into a 6 x 8 grid.  It is important to use and even number of rows and columns!

2. cut a strip from the left side of the grid
3. move it to the right side of the grid, and sew it on
4. do the same for the top and bottom of the piece, so that you have a unit like in the photo- squares in the center surrounded by a 1/2 width border
5. then cut through the center of every other square!
 If you just want a pile of the main blocks to sew into a quilt, just cut the strips crosswise at this point as well and in this example I would end up with 12 blocks!  Starting with the 5-inch squares, the resulting blocks now measure 9 inches with the seam allowance-- they'll finish at 8-12".

However, I decided to put in a small sashing.

6.  So if you want a sashing, delay cutting the strips into individual blocks.  Just sew the sashing strips in between the columns.

7.  Then, cut the unit cross-wise and sew in the sashing strips going the other direction.  you can move the strips around so that there is a bit of variation in the color distribution of the blocks.

8. Now the unit is all sewn together again. 

I like this technique a lot! I think I need to figure out a larger project using this technique.  I think that the sashing in this example would have been better using a plain white so that the blocks stand out more. Live and learn!


  1. what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this technique! I have two charm packs that I've been wondering what to do with and now I know. Thanks! Love those fabrics you used.

  3. great technique, thanks for sharing! looks like it all went togethere sew easily.Will it be in the store on display or do you have palns for it already. Have a great day Michelle

  4. What a different way to make a quilt.

  5. very fun. I'll have to try this.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial on this very unique and interesting quilt , will have to try this out sometime soon.

  7. Great tutorial! I love these quick little quilts...and I have a charm pack just waiting for a plan! Thanks!

  8. This a fantastic idea. Thanks for the instructions!

  9. Woah. Imagine explaining that one without photos!! Thanks for linking up!

  10. what a great idea - thank you for sharing - you end up with a much more complicated looking quilt top than it is to make - gotta love that!

  11. I love all the quilter's tricks like this one, thank you for sharing.

  12. Hi Michelle,

    I was into the shop on the weekend on my way through to Regina and picked up a couple of Christmas charm packs that are really nice. This technique will work well for those squares. I like the way you think intuitively in your design process. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    It was a pleasure to meet your shop clerk - who will be embracing Christmas this year - I was able to tell her in person that her quote had inspired me this season.

    We had such a lovely conversation but forgot to exchange names at the end of it. Thought I would post today and hope to connect through your blog.



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