Thursday, November 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

What is a WIP?  A work in progress, and on Wednesdays you can see how many of your computer-quilt friends are coming along with some of the projects they've mentioned by going to this site that Monika has set up:   the Needle and Thread Network     Yay Monika!
Again, I seem to have a hodge-podge of activities going on in my sewing room (okay, my living room sofa sees a lot of stitching and crocheting.... and knitting... and reading)

First up, a finish! I completed the quilting on this long table runner.  I think that perhaps I should have taken the time to put a real binding on it.  They seem to lay more flat with a binding.  
 And of course I had to start a new project with the "Restoration" line of fabrics.  I was going to just sew the "Marmalade" pattern, but have now made some changes to that plan!! Stay tuned for developments.  I hope to make some serious progress on this tomorrow.
 Every once in a long while I seem to make a little stuffed animal.  This is a little felt dog, who has no name. 
 He does have a scarf, but perhaps needs something else.
 Although, he does have a big friend. 


  1. Your runner is beautiful and quilted lovely. Your little dog is adorable as is his friend .

  2. Your dog is so cute! I love your table runner and how it's long enough to hang off the table. The colours are great!

  3. Sweet! Thank you for linking up the other crafts too! My hopes with the link party was to find a variety of fibre crafters.

    You make sweet things Michelle!

  4. That table runner is gorgeous and I just LOVE your little felted dog and his big friend! They look like they could get into trouble... Hope you are doing well!! We miss you here! Hugs, Silke

  5. Oh my What a glorious runner ... and what an adorable little dog. :-)


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