Saturday, November 5, 2011

Block 5 Flagstones, and new Applique

Today, Saturday, is another Saturday Surprise Sampler Day!
This is the 5th pieced block, called Flagstones,

 and we have our third applique block, Oak Leaves and Cherries,

After this block, I am officially switching to fusible applique for both versions.  I didn't even add the cherries to the needleturn 1930's block.
but I did have a lot of fun auditioning where I wanted to put the red circles on the etchings version!

this is the list of the upcoming pick-up dates:

    November 5th– Block 5 (Pieced), 3rd Applique
    November 19 - Block 6
    December 3 -  Block 7 (Pieced), 4th  Applique
    December17 - Block 8
    December 31 -  Block 9 (Pieced), 5thApplique
    January 14 - Block 10
    January 28 -  Block 11 (Pieced), 6thApplique
    February 11 - Block 12
    February 25 -  Block 13 (Pieced), 7thApplique
    March 11 - Block 14
    March 25 Block 15 (Pieced), 8th Applique
    April 8 - Block 16
    April 27 -  Block 17 (Pieced), 9thApplique
    May 11 - Block 18
    May 25 -  Block 19 (Pieced), 10thApplique
    June 8 Block 20


  1. morning michelle! the oak leaf and cherries block is so pretty. i managed to make it into the store yesterday and break every resolution i had made about not acquiring more fabric - the only thing that saved this week's and next week's grocery budget was that half the kittikins line didn't come in yet! can i leave a request at the store to have some of the 'cats in paisleys' and the border-type print set aside for me when it comes in? you know i love cats - and i have a grand-daughter named 'paisley'....seems perfect somehow! cheers, molly

  2. you know, these are so pretty, I might just have to try one!! And I made the "no more fabric till I finish something" promise too....but this doesn't really count does it?? it is not fabric, but a block right?? and good to expand my skills??

  3. As the Saturday sampler moves onward i am so sad I didn't sign up!! I love it in those 1930 fabrics!


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