Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's on my wall?

I feel like Flo!  She calls herself a butterfly quilter because she flits from one project to another.  However, I have noticed that she really finishes a lot of projects!!
But this week, I seem to have several different projects on the go.  I noticed this when i looked at my design wall:
 On the far left is the 1930's baby quilt, using  6 inch blocks,
In the center is the long table runner using a dark grey back ground,
and on the right is my latest start-- Some dresden string circles.  I came upon the StringThingALong blog, here,  and had to immediately start a new project!  So yes, these are from random scraps of varying widths.  I throw them into a box as they are generated.  These ones had a lot of 1930's scraps, since I did quite a few projects with those fabrics in the past few months.
 I continue to chip away at the final squares for the baby quilt,
and I've handquilted an outline around the 3 bottom ladies on the bonnet girls quilt.  This photo shows the machine quilting that I did on it first.  I totally disregarded the borders and went from one edge to the other with the straight lines.  I used a pale gray 30weight rayon, which I quite like! 
Hope that you have a happy day, whatever you decide to do!


  1. haha !! Enjoy your "flitting" !!
    I love the sunbonnet ladies! And the border is perfect!

  2. I love your string dresden plates! Very cool. Today is sunny (long may it last!) It's vaccination day at the horse farm today!

  3. i'm back home now from several days of grandbaby-sitting....SOOOO MANY things i want to make! but first off - a 'blanket' for darius....just straight hemming - then on to his 'jumping monkey' quilt...
    i think i need to learn how to post photos....i love looking at everyone else's projects so maybe i could share mine too!
    cheers from molly - who is enjoying the sunshine which is to be shortlived....sigh

    1. Glad that the sun is making it's appearance again up there!!!

  4. I love the look of those dresden plates but I am not a flitter so some day in the future when work and my volunteer life don't eat up so much time MAYBE!!

    1. you do keep pretty busy, Bernie! but you get some quilting projects done too!


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