Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday at the Landings

The long tablerunner:
Today the time had come to quilt it.  I haven't been doing much sewing lately, having been much taken up with working with clay.
 However, I tidied up my sewing room and sat down and started to quilt.  It just has straight lines running it's length.  As you can see, I am halfway through binding it as well, having chosen a nice bright green that co-0rdinates nicely with the back.

 I also spent some time today transferring photos around from my ipad to laptop, and having a little fun with them.  This one is a part of the previous photo,  tweaked by the "pencil drawing" effect on the Picasa photo software,
 The mandevilla vine has started blooming, which is nice, having spent the last several months twining itself around the banister of the back deck,

 I took these photos a couple of days ago, when it was really nice out.  Today it is nice too, but very windy as we are waiting to see what the tropical storm Beryl plans to do.
 I am starting to get excited about returning to Saskatoon and my yard!


  1. cute table runner...and beautiful flowers!

  2. you flowers are so beautiful! I love the colour of your hydrangea too! We're looking forward to having you back home!

  3. lots of rain here so when the sun comes out in a few days I think the plants will grow like crazy! Your flowers are looking lovely there - but I'm sure there are a lot of surprises waiting for you in your garden here... we have various plants that seem to appear from nowhere - fun to see what they will become...

  4. beautiful flowers, beautiful deck! i see tea, knitting....all sorts of lovely things! and isn't it nice to have your potting? that way, you can switch back and forth when a 'dry' patch hits....and inspiration is always 'cross-craftual'!
    we're looking forward to seeing you back here too!

  5. I really like your porch. I think you and I partially share the same personality, I use that same style for mine, only it's structured a little differently. I hope you don't risk your home by ignoring your furnace. A lot of people don't realize just how fragile they really are. Should you encounter any strange sounds or behaviors coming your furnace or vents call somebody to check it out right away. They need maintenance ones in a long while as well. ;) Well, not always but they all need it from time to time. good luck! URL: furnace repair calgary


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