Friday, June 1, 2012

Some recent observations

Starting in savannah a few days ago I was happy to see flowers growing more actively,
We spent a couple of days driving up to Ithaca in new York state where Richard attends a conference
It was fun to drive up to Aurora to check out the Mackenzie-child's factory there to see the colorful wares and beautiful landscaping.
I'm posting this from the iPad so the photographs are probably all jumbledup and I can't change their size,
The amazing hostas there has made me eager to get back to my own garden in Saskatchewan! I am hoping that this year the perennials will really thrive.


  1. It's so fun to see many of the same flowers that we grow here! And I love the goose!

  2. the goose is super! but the pansies and peonies are eye-candy! i have pansies planted already (even the same colour!) but my peonies are still spindly little red sticks...i'm sure they will come along though....i've come to appreciate the joys of perennials over the years! with a few annuals to fill in the bare spaces!
    looking forward to seeing you 'back north'!

  3. Yes, the peonies are in full blast here, and I do love peonies,( it's too hot to grow them in savannah,) I planted some in Asquith four or five years ago, and so I hope that some day they are great big bushes, I've been daydreaming about my yard and what to plant there this year,

  4. what interesting places you go and beautiful things you see - thank you for the photos. Our peony has small tight buds at the moment so you still have time to get back before they bloom:)

  5. Wow it looks so lovely over there and that lamp...♥


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