Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting things straight

We finally got home (to Savannah) late this afternoon, and it is nice to be here again.  We went on a trip that got a bit longer than initially planned.  My blog posts were pretty scattered, and to clarify for the record (mostly for my own benefit, I'm afraid), this was the route:
 1. we drove to Ithaca, New York for a conference,
 on the route up we drove on the east side of Richmond, through the Blue Ridge mountains.  This was a 16 hour drive, and we did it over two days,
 there were lots of pretty flowers:
 we also stopped at a place called Blue Hill Pottery that imports lovely handmade pots from small factories in Poland,

 2.  I went up to Aurora one day to check out the Mackenzie Childs place, where I also saw the geese,
 Somehow my left arm had developed some strange ailment that combined numbness, itchiness, and soreness from shoulder to thumb.  This meant that I did not work on my knitting or anything else during the whole trip.
 3.  Another day took me to Elmira and Corning, where I saw this amazing looking building, standing all alone
 that was the day I met the amazing potter.
On the last day in Ithaca we dropped by the craft booths at the Ithaca festival, and I met another potter with beautiful pots!!!
4.  We decided to stop in Philadelphia for a few days on the drive home, to break up the trip a bit,
They have an impressive skyline there, and the city is noted for its architectural heritage.
It was the city where the movie "Rocky" was filmed, and these are the steps of the Philadelphia museum of Fine Art where he runs up and down to get into shape:

Inside a room at the museum.
lots of decorations on the sides and roof of the museum,
 There are about 3000 large murals painted on the sides of buildings and on cement structures throughout the city,

 We went to a couple other art museums, and saw some wonderful artworks, some famous and some less so, (pictures on R's iphone, --reminder to myself to somehow transfer them to my computer) Went to a quilt shop called Spool. 
We also had some really good food, and met some interesting folks, including the ones who towed and repaired the truck.  : /

5.  From Philly, we drove down to "the Rivah" in Virginia to visit my husband's brother and his wife, which was very fun, and beautiful as well, as they are right on the water,  (Pictures are on R's iphone)
6. We drove the last 8-1/2 hours today, and were thankful to get home safe and sound! And none of my plants had died!  My arm isn't as strange feeling as it was a few days ago, but still not back to normal.  I don't know what I did to it...

Another adventure to remember. 


  1. oh what a trip you've had! i must admit to being a little envious! and also cringing a bit at the thought of so many hours of driving without being able to knit! hope your arm continues to improve and thanks for 'taking us along' with you!

  2. Hi Molly, yeah yesterday was really boring cause Richard drove for abou five hours, and it was a good thing that I had my little pillow so that I could doze off for a bit. And although all the plants were alive, it must be noted that the deer were pretty hungry and nibbled all the ivy right back to the ground, as well as all the leaves of a hibiscus that I had set near a sprinkler. We went to a farmers market that you would have loved!

  3. Fascinating!
    Lovely flowers - and good to know you can enjoy your greenery and flowers now you are home... What do you mean "towed and repaired the truck?" Did you take the truck instead of the car - if so, no wonder your arm is sore!!:)
    Take care

    1. well, the day after we arrived, we did lots of sight-seeing, but at about 5:3o p.m. we left a place and the truck was just dead. It didn't turn over or anything. Fortunately we have a GPS which you can search for businesses near your location. A few calls later and a very nice fellow was there with a tow truck to haul it to the repair shop. So, we ended up extending our stay by an extra day, and spent it walking to places in the downtown area near our hotel while they figured out what was wrong-- it was a switch that connects the clutch to the starter or something. The following day we just took a cab from the hotel to the auto shop and picked it up and left the city, and drove the 5 hours to Virginia. We had taken the truck in case we saw any exciting antiques that we needed to bring back. however that didn't happen, altho I did find pottery! It would have been a lot more comfortable in the car, since it has air conditioning and power steering that the truck doesn't have. It wasn't quite as hot as last year though, although it did get pretty warm.

  4. Michelle,
    I think perhaps you should get your arm checked out by a professional but not sure what kind of coverage you have done there and whether or not one has a family doctor in the states? My first thought was ulnar nerve.
    Your pictures are always so beautiful! I love travelling thru your eyes as you see so many interesting sites and take such intense pictures.


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