Monday, October 7, 2013

Hex N More Ruler, part 2

Yesterday I posted about the first sample that I made with this ruler,
 The next thing that I tried was the pieced hexagon,
To make this shape, you need to cut 6 half-hexagon shapes and 6 triangles.
Again, I used 2-1/2" strips.  I cut the half hexagons using the 4-1/2" lines, deciding to make them all the same fabric.
For the center, I cut the 2-1/2" triangles: three of green and three of red:
 Sew the triangles to the top edge of the half hexagons, centering them so that the little triangles that stick out are equal in size. (see the green ones) or, you could use the cut off corner to help in placement ( see the red ones).

 I pressed the green seams one direction and the red ones the other direction, so that they would make less bulky intersections. 
 Sew them in sets of three,
 then sew the two sides of the hexagon together.
I must say, that was pretty easy. 

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