Saturday, October 26, 2013

This Morning

This is a picture of what's on my ironing board this morning
It's hexagon quilt made from jellyroll and cut with my hex 'n more ruler
I started it last week and I am just loving the colors of the fabric. 

I was inspired by beautiful quilts seen yesterday at the Saskatoon guild show in Saskatoon
It's also on today until 6 PM ,Saturday ,and I will be going there again in a few minutes.  
These couple of quilts that Carly made that I just love. Carly is the president of the modern quilt guild here in Saskatoon and she writes a blog called citric sugar.
I pretty much adore anything that she sews

If you leave now you can go see these things for yourself in person!


  1. Your hexes are looking marvellous!

    And thank you. You're making me blush over here! (Though I think I'm co-chair. President sounds like way too much power for little ol' me... :-)

  2. i really enjoyed the show - although my head was threatening to explode with ideas by the time i left! so many talented people here and such incredible work they do! i can hardly wait to excavate my sewing machine from under the reno-mess so i can make some cuddly lovelies for winter...what a lot of work the guild put into that show - thanks to them all!

  3. Thanks for posting about the S'toon show. I was hoping somebody would. It's a bit far for me to travel in a day, though I would have loved to see it! Love how your hex quilt looks. And I hopped on over to the Citric Sugar, I agree, her quilts are lovely. Thanks for the link.


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