Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the Hex N More Ruler, part 3

Next up using this ruler is the bigger pieced hexagon.  

It uses the "Kite" shape.
 I cut the kites from three different reds.  You cut a 6-1/2" strip, then cut one side of the kite, flip the fabric over and cut the other side:
 It needs 12 small triangles for the corners of each kite.  I decided to make 6 green and 6 white:
I sewed the green ones all to the top right hand corner of the kites.  You can see again how the little cut off tab can help you position the triangle for sewing:
 The white triangles were added to the left side of the kites, and then the 6 large triangle shapes were sewn together in the same manner as I described in the last post. 
 Things are starting to look pretty Christmassy!

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