Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sticks and Stones Show and Tell

On Saturday it was exciting to see all the sampler projects that people brought to show each other.  Last year's Sampler blocks used a colorway that included grays, taupes, browns and charcoal, as well as light colored neutrals.
 Karen used a lovely feather design fabric for the sashing, and sewed stars for between the blocks, and smaller blocks to use around the edge in the setting triangles for a beautiful allover look.
 I loved the cobblestone like borders and setting triangles on this one.
 It will be interesting to see what gets quilted in those alternate squares..
 This sampler from the batiks colorway from a couple of years ago had a stained glass look to it.
 Verna also brought her 30 block king size top using the topsy turvy setting,
 I was sorry to see it get folded up,
 This was the first totally finished project that we saw.  Dianne used a light colored border, and it was all-0ver quilted with Baptist fans,
 Another finished one!  Very impressive!
 Beautiful quilting, and done on a home sewing machine!
 This was the third totally finished quilt, and again, quilted on a home sewing machine,
 You need to see some closeups of the beautiful motifs in the setting triangles and outer borders,

 Sheila made her quilt pretty zingy with her fabric choice for the sashing and inner border-- that diagonal stripe is great,
 what a difference you can make just by the addition of a narrow little strip of fabric:
 Another gorgeous quilt that uses a light colored border.  (I might have to re-think my plan for using a dark border....)
 I love what she did with the arrangement of the sub-unit s in that square on the lower right...
 It was refreshing to see this black white and lime green quilt!  Love everything about it!
 She also had her sticks and stones quilt, using a two-sided sashing
 I like the way the blocks seem to float on the light background:
Thank you again to all of you who brought your projects.  I was inspired.


  1. how lovely they all are! and i also am inspired (although also a bit intimidated!) thank you for sharing!

  2. Those are amazing! I cannot even imagine creating a whole quilt. Truly beautiful! I hope you are doing well!! xoxo Silke

  3. I wish you had posted a picture of your quilt, Michelle. It was very beautiful.

    1. thanks! i will remember to post it when i get the borders on, it will be a pretty big quilt for me,


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