Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday and today

I'm happy with one of the quilts I finished this week.  It is a small kid's quilt, made from some nice colorful fabrics.  I put it together in November from fabrics that had a 1950's feel to them, mostly from American Jane fabrics from moda.  I just did my all over meander stitching, since I like the look of those quilts, and sometimes it's hard to think of a design to stitch that I'm able to do on my little machine.

Yesterday was very sunny around here!  It was great, with sun streaming through the windows.  We had quite a bit of snow come down a couple of days ago and so some of the things in the yard were quite pretty.

 This table runner hanging on the little closet door was designed by my friend Wendy, (and we do have the patterns available at the shop).  I made two of them before Christmas, and really like the simplicity of the design.  I think I'll try another. 

As for today, I hope to be Productive.  Yesterday I seemed to lose large chunks of time to "blog-surfing": it's funny how you can just start clicking on links and before you know it a lot of time has passed.
Have a great day!


  1. Hi, I ran across your blog and just love it. I too am a quilt shop owner and think you have done a great job posting. I saw that you didn't have any "followers" so I became your first! If you have time check out
    May all your stitches be a blessing,
    Karen Hopple
    Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop
    Murphy, NC

  2. Hi Karen, thank you! You can tell I'm excited because I already sent you an email! michelle


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