Sunday, January 24, 2010

What was I thinking?

Well, today had been going along quietly, but productively when I decided to do something with some red fabrics. A friend of mine has been collecting blocks in red and white from some of her friends to incorporate into a special quilt, and her birthday will be coming up sometime. So, I thought I'd get ready for it in advance. I had been thinking to make some dresden plate half-blocks so that she could work them into a border or something. I started cutting out the "petals" and thought, "Why not do a few extra and make a table runner or something for Valentine's Day?" So I cut more petals. Before I knew it, I had a lot of petals. 176. That is enough for 11 full blocks, with 16 petals per block.

I started sewing, and this is what it looked like:

You just fold the ends in half and sew across, taking a few backstitches at the folded end of the seam. Then you clip the corner at the end, and turn it inside out.

Then you press them, sew them together in pairs, press again, etc, etc.
But 176 of them is a bit crazy for a Sunday afternoon project. I think I bit off more than I planned. Oh well, it will be fun to figure out what to do with them. And if I don't want to do anything with them later, I can just give them all to my friend!


  1. Hi Michelle
    I have been enjoying your blog for a little bit now. I am one of your Ontario block people. My daughter got me started on them. They are lots of fun.

  2. Hi! thanks for saying hi, did you notice I put up some photos of the blocks in color? pastels will be coming when I get caught up on sewing them... mh

  3. Hi Michelle
    I did notice the photos you had posted. I thought it was interesting how you went about doing the blocks. Keep up the great work. I am really enjoying them.


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