Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quilting on a Snowy Day

 Yesterday I decided it was time to quilt!  I don't mean piecing, or appliqueing, but Quilting!  It seems that I have 16 quilt tops that are not quilted. (Okay, and 2 table runners).
  I dispensed with one that no longer appealed to me enough to finish by putting it in my box of giveaways (next to the other 3 or 4 tops).  Then I gathered my tape, basting pins and batting and began to baste.  This involves taping the backing to the floor, and smoothing the batting down over it, then smoothing the top down over it and pinning it all over with safety pins.   I did this several times until I ran out of pins, which was 5! baby to lap size quilts! 
Today I started stitching.  I began with the red, white and blue one that is a pretty scrappy disappearing nine-patch.  If you don't know what a disappearing nine-patch is, then you will be amazed when you find out because they are like magic.  However, that's for another day.  I tried this flowery border again, because it seemed to work so well the last time i used it.  

 After that pass that was just the pattern, I did some echo quilting on each side of it before running out of navy thread to use on the back.
So, I have switched over to the 1930's reproduction postage stamp quilt.  Actually, the squares are 1-1/4", which is a bit larger than a regular postage stamp quilt where they are often 1" finished.  I'm just doing a meander in all the scrappy colored areas.  I think the black, yellow and light blue parts will need some sort of motif in them, which is yet to be decided. 

 While I am quilting, I can see the snow falling steadily outside my window.

I called the shop earlier this morning and there were happy noises of people picking up their blocks and shopping, despite the slippery road conditions and the wind blowing snow outside.  So, if you were there today, thanks for braving the weather and I hope you noticed the blog address that I added to the back of this weeks block!!
Happy stitching! michelle

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