Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 I took a few photos of the crazy quilt that I made several years ago.  Here you can see the basic overview of the block placement.  There are 30 blocks with sashing, and a "sidewalk" border that meanders around the outside.   I really enjoyed doing the embroidery on this quilt.  Crazy quilts are a project that can just take you over.
 The sashing and background are black wool.  Because the piecing seemed to get a bit diminished next to the black, I couched strands of perle cotton along the edges of the blocks and the border.
 Of course I had a lot of fun collecting the fancy fabrics to use in the quilt:
 I took apart a lot of ties, even one made of fortrel!
 I did a pieced binding on it as well, and added some stitching to accent it.

 The other crazy thing that happened is our trip to Savannah.  We left home on Sunday morning at 5 a.m. but didn't get here until Monday night at about 8:30.  It was an awful trip. It seemed that anything that could go wrong, did go wrong, except for a plane crashing or making emergency landing.  That included getting bumped off an oversold flight, being sent to Toronto (late), waiting 1-1/2 hours for baggage to unload, getting to hotel at 2a.m.,  finding out at 5 a.m. on Monday morning at the toronto airport that the re-scheduled flight had been cancelled, (I had a mini-melt-down then), getting rescheduled for 6 hours later, and it being late taking off.  getting sent to Newark, and again being on a delayed flight, (2 more hours).  So the 10 hour travel time turned into 39 hours.  Blah. 
 So, Now we are in Savannah, and it is pleasant here.  I was traumatized, but I might get over it. 
This is Richard, down by the River.
 The Jere's Antique store you see the sign for at the top of the stairs is incredible.  The second floor was devoted to tables and chairs:

 We came across this amazing magnolia tree, trailing Spanish moss:
 I thought they bloomed later, like in June, but this one was totally covered in blossoms.

 Also, there is a nice coffee shop near our hotel!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your flight from airline hell but glad you finally made it. When I lived in T.O. the magnolias usually blossomed in early May. Might be a southern thing? The antique chairs are wonderful! Keep enjoying!

  2. Wow - I had heard about your crazy quilt! It is totally amazing. you "added some" stitching!! It looks totally over the top. I'm in awe. I have got my pieces put together, found some antique buttons and borrowed a book from the library on embroidery stitches. It won't look near as amazing as that although I do recognzie a couple of shared fabrics!
    Savanah looks fabulous and the tree blossoms rather make me long for winter to be over!! The antique store - whoa!! I think I could easily get lost in there and be happy! Hope your trip home is better than your trip down.

  3. Oh that quilt is gorgeous! I love the black - it shows off each square like a work of art! Wowee!! : )

  4. what a beautiful quilt! i've always loved crazy quilts (my family might say 'with good reason'!) but never felt quite ready to commit to a whole enormous one. the squares on yours makes it look possible....but as you say, it's a project that can take you over....maybe a square at a time would be manageable...
    have a lovely time! sniff a blossom for us all!

  5. Your crazy quilt is breathtaking! I've never made one but I have one that belonged to my grandmother. Savannah would be fun. Sorry to hear about all the travel snafus. We have a magnolia in our yard, but it won't be blooming for a long time.

  6. That is the most exquisite quilt - I am amazed each time I see it!!

    Glad you finally made it - but I did have friends who were on the Sunday Delta1846 flight that lost part of one engine and had to return to the airport in Ft Lauderdale - thankfully they landed safely although extremely roughly.

    Please bring me home a few magnolia photos - I really would like to paint them!! Also, coffee and pleasant places should bring new adventures to replace the distress:)

  7. The quilt is amazing! I love all the embellishments. Truly beautiful!

  8. thanks re. the quilt,
    i have learned that these are not magnolias,but "tulip trees", but maybe they are related.


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