Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Concerning the Interesting Reflection of Fabrics to the Real World

Well, further to yesterdays comment on the colors in the quilt photo being similar to what's outside right now-- another unplanned correlation:
Yesterday I had recorded the beautiful-ness of these strawberries.  I liked the green tops on them, they weren't all dried up, but nice and fresh looking.  (Also note the brown background of the table)
Later, at the shop, Jen was putting together a new kit with the Fabrics from French General.  Of course I have to sew this sample,(it has adorable blocks of alphabet samplers)
 And lo, and behold, there on the cutting mat (green) are the strawberry colors looking back at me.  Red, Brown, Green, and white(ecru).

2 of the 8 alphabets

 Aside from that, I have been recently working on this table runner, made from pieces of re-cycled shrunken sweaters. 
 My friend Linda has done whole throws using this method, which I learned from her.  The pieces are butted up against each other and zig-zagged together.  But the key is to first iron on a little 1/2" strip of fusible interfacing to the back of the join.  I have yet to add a backing and "binding", which has not yet been worked out how to do that. 


  1. O thinks I must go shopping for some more F. General fabric. Susan

  2. love the table-runner - why didn't i think of that? hmmmm - i have quite a number of sweaters that need to have something like that done with them...i just needed the idea of the interfacing! thanks, michelle!
    and if i actually manage to get out of the house today...i just may have to go check out the alphabet fabric...i seem to have a fixation with fabric with letters on it.
    stay warm!

  3. oho! and now i have a nice selection of those alphabets! hooray! someday - someday, i will have a magnificent quilt with writing ALL OVER IT!
    it was nice to see you yesterday!

  4. It was nice to see you too! I love things with letters on it too, as you well know. Why is that?

  5. maybe we are just inveterate readers? inspired at every turn by the possibility of letters?


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