Monday, January 31, 2011

Question of the day

This morning I was am doing a bit of reading blogs, and came across this gem at "Rebels", here
What a nice design! and so simple too, I think partly I like it so much because of the fabrics.  I have a very similar bunch of colors that are from various "Japanese taupe" groups. Will I start this today???
Plus, I can look out the window and see many of these colors!  the white snow, muted blue sky, gray brown tree trunks and branches, hmmm.

What will happen? start new or work on an existing project???


  1. What a beautiful quilt! And you're right, very weather appropriate.

  2. I was always told to do something while it's fresh in your mind. ;-)

  3. That's a really nice way to show off fabrics. When I first glanced at the picture it made me think of men's ties! That would be a neat way to showcase old silk ties! And not have to take them completely apart! :D

  4. those are the colours that we are seeing outside our windows, aren't they? (and, as an aside, very similar to coffee...coincidence? i think not!) there's a little while yet whilst we incorporate these colours into our work and then - the undeniable, irresistable craving for GREEN! soon, my dears, soon....
    and i say go for the new project!

  5. thanks for the nudges to the new project. Now I just need to think about what scale to make it in!!
    Molly, see new post for related topic!!!


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