Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Big quilts to work on...

Sometimes I just feel the need to go through all the stuff in my shelves and boxes and check on the status of the unfinished projects in there. 
Not sure why this is, but each time I have to decide whether to keep it longer, or to give it away, or to actually start working on it.
Sometimes I am ready to let go of a partly finished project.   If it seems that I just have no more interest in it, and can't really get excited about it, then maybe it's time to move it along to someone else who might want to finish it and either use it or give it to someone else. 
On Friday, I noticed that I still have some  got out my sets of stacks of sampler blocks.  (three sets).
Patti had been talking about how she has several of these stacks, and so that is probably why I thought of  them.
I kept them out and thought about what sort of settings would be nice to use.  When I had the opportunity to get together with some other quilters for a sewing day on Saturday, they are what I took along to work on.
This set uses 12 sampler blocks and I call the setting "Scattered Blocks" 
The blocks are from last year and use pastel fabrics designed by Robyn Pandolph, and also Three Sisters Aviary grouping. 
(I'm sorry that all my quilts look like the shape of the province of Saskatchewan.  I don't have a design wall and usually lay out things on the floor, so the perspective gets skewed.  I've been thinking lately about turning one wall into a place where I can take better photos, but have to rearrange a bunch of stuff in the sewing room... soon!)
I've used this setting before, but with 6 blocks. 
These were Kansas Troubles, 
 then the Mary Rose, from that same year,
 and again using a kid's panel. 
They alll look pretty different. 
To do the 12 block version, you just sew 2 sets of the six block version and sew them together.
I was using up all my leftover pieces of fabrics as well, so I ended up piecing a lot of the larger rectangles.  I hope to take in tomorrow and find that perfect piece of fabric to use for the border. 
Then, the Big decision... whether or not to quilt it myself!


  1. i find it interesting that i only figured out about a year ago that not all quilters quilt their own quilts (try saying that ten times quickly!). it somehow had escaped my notice for all these years that the process of making a quilt is actually two sub-processes: the construction of the top, and the quilting. i suppose it was because most of my first quilts were 'whole-cloth' quilts, rather than pieced ones and the quilting took pride of place.
    sometimes i am so slow at figuring these things out!
    oh - and i do really love the quilt made from the children's panel....that cat is such fun!

  2. I love the new quilt, love the pastel colors. I really am drawn right now to these soft colors.
    And, like Molly, I did not know until about a year ago that people took their quilts out to someone else for the quilting part!

  3. Ha! I remember you mentioning this setting when I was bemoaning the fact that I had all my block stacks. The Robyn Pandolph/3 Sisters looks fabulous! I have stacks with no setting plan so I will have to try this one...I think maybe my blue and yellow blocks....thanks for the inspiration!

  4. That's funny that you two didn't know about longarm machine quilters!! And, just for the record, there are still some hand quilters that do quilts for others too!! --although these angels are a bit harder to find.
    Patti, there are so many settings, as you know! I think the one I am using for the French General fabrics will be a good one, --just got some setting fabric for it today!


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