Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The end of the trip to L.A.

I'm home now from Los Angeles, but I didn't want to leave it incomplete in the telling!
Friday night we went on a little mini-cruise of hotels.  First we went over to the Biltmore for drinks with a friend who was also attending the conference, and staying there. 
It is a very ornately decorated place.  
 Several large halls, with amazing painted ceilings, and carvings,
 I think the walls and stair sides are glazed ceramic, but I could be wrong.
 Possibly the rondels contain images of King Arthur and Guinevere, again, just guessing,
 They had this ballroom set up for filming.  It would be interesting to see what show or movie it pops up in someday, or maybe a commercial or magazine
 Our friend had earlier asked the concierge to try for reservations at the Ritz-Carlton, which has 2 Wolfgang Puck restaurants: the Bar and Grill, and WP:24.  She asked him to call WP:24, just in case they had an opening-- because they have a 5-week wait time for reservations.  He made the call and fortunately was able to make the reservation....
So we taxied over there and took the elevator to the 24th floor, where the restaurant is located. 
Unfortunately, they did not have a record of the reservation.  You guessed it, it had gone to the Bar and Grill.
But!  they fit us in anyway!  Hurray! 
Although the food was great, the view was the real attraction for me.
Just stunning to look out the floor to ceiling windows and be right up in the middle of that L.A. skyline.
Okay, yes, the food was fabulous.

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