Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recent Visit to Shop

 On Friday I had my camera with me when I went to the store.  If you were there, you would have noticed:
1. quilts, on walls, and folded in various places.
 the orchid has a lot of blooms on it lately.
 some great fabric collections came in on Thursday, including this group from Alexander Henry.  I love these ones a lot.
 A nice little container of cupcakes (which lasted about 2 minutes), from Earth Bound Bakery across the street. (Pistachio with rose water icing!!)

And if you had come to my sewing room, you would see that I have tried to tame my felted sweater collection that you last saw strewn across the floor.  I've cut a bunch of 9-1/2" squares and rectangles from them; this has reduced the jumbled up parts to one container from two!  Although I now have these stacks.
Well, a lovely day beckons, can you believe it's at melting point outside??? From the minus 30's of a few days ago? 


  1. oddly enough, i was in the shop yesterday and noticed the beautiful orchid. i also noticed the gorgeous sheepskin folded up on top of the it for sale?
    also, i must mention that the staff in yesterday were very bad...they were not supposed to let me buy anything...and i did....
    but then, there IS a new grandbaby coming soon, and i know i will use it all up!
    aren't the cupcakes from earth bound grand? but then, all their baking is..
    enjoy the beautiful day!

  2. Nice! Every time I'm in there I don't have my camera! lol The last time I drove by, there was this periwinkle colored sky right above the shop. No camera. I'll have to try and catch that some day... Do you have a photo like that?

  3. Molly, "the world is so full of such wonderful things, I think we should all be as happy as kings" (or something like that), yeah, they include cupcakes, and their bread!! I've been making bread at home lately and haven't been buying theirs, but it is so beautiful just to look at! The sheepskin could probably go to a new home, for a price that must be re-determined, since the tag seems to have fallen off. Hmmm.
    Monika, what a good idea about the sky and the shop together being Periwinkle. Do you have a background in photography? you take such good photos.

  4. lovely shop, lovely pictures

    Still think you might do a book and now that Matthew is back you have a great photographer to help you out::)


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