Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 It was a bit of a late start to the day yesterday, and when I looked out the window at the street, I noticed a small crowd of people loitering around the entrance to a noodle restaurant.  It was only about 10:45.  It grew until 11:00 when the little restaurant opened.  So of course I had to go have lunch there myself.  At 11:15 when we got there, there were 2 parties waiting ahead of us, but we added our name to the list and waited.  By the time we got our table there were about 9 groups on the list after us, and several more had come in, looked at the list and left.  What a build-up to the food, right?
Well, no surprise, it was pretty good. 
 It was sort of fun for the people watching too.  I especially liked the gentleman in the leather jacket at the counter.  When we left, I could see through the windows of the other restaurants that they were almost empty.  Interesting.
We didn't have a clear agenda, just deciding to work over to the fashion district.
Well, luckily we stumbled right over a Japanese garden park:

 And after that, we stopped in at a very large Buddhist temple.

 Well, then we walked through an area that was pretty unsavoury, altho not that bad.  Okay, I suppose you'd have to call it skid row.
But, I did like this Car Wash, it reminded me of the song
We arrived in a very interesting area next to the Fashion District, which was full of fabric warehouses.
 Several blocks were filled with these shops that displayed wares on the sidewalk.  Inside some of them, it was pretty chaotic.  Some had just a small pathway through them, and rolls of fabric stuffed in on top of each other. 
 A few were a bit more like regular fabric stores, and I got a good deal on some wool to felt and overdye.  However, that was a bit of a mistake, because 15 yards of fabric weighed a little more than I had anticipated.
Well, the headache I had got worse, and soon we decided to return to the hotel.  Alas.  we had gotten only a couple of blocks from "Fashion"! and had to turn back.
I wish that I could have jumped into this car and zoomed around L.A.
 Well, later on, after a nap and feeling much restored, we went out for the evening.  Yes, food.
Our hotel is only just a block from a Japanese Village Mall, full of little restaurants, souvenir stores (Japanese), and a nice little bakery!
 Don't you want to just eat him up?
There was a very nice little Japanese grocery store.  It had shelf after shelf of sake.
 And some pretty produce:
 There were still Christmas lights up in the trees:
 Back at the hotel, we rounded off the evening with a nice cappucino taken up to the room where I spent more time looking through the information books on the city.  I fell the need to have a bigger plan for the remaining time here. 
 Thanks for coming along with me!


  1. Thanks for 'sharing' your trip!

  2. Wow! Sorry about your headache but it looks like you managed to have a great time. Looks like an amazing trip. :)

  3. To bad about your head ache. All that fabric...I must go!

  4. i feel like i'm there - but without the headache, sore feet and heavy fabric! a plan is a necessity in a new place - so much to see, so much to do! looking forward to more travel-tales!

  5. thanks all, I think that it is fun to explore, but also fun to come back to a place later once you have an idea of what's there so that you can plan better.. i wrote a post last night, but having trouble calling it up to finish it and post it... o well. today it's off to the Getty Villa!!!


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