Friday, January 21, 2011

Backing for the Renew Me quilt

I finished piecing the top of the quilt that I've been working on. I had quite a bit of fabric left over, so I took a couple of days to mull over whether to try to use them in a whole new project or to sew them into the backing of the quilt.  I love these fabrics and thought that they would make a really nice star quilt from one of the Atkinson patterns, but then I realized that was just a make-work project.  I need to sew what I really really want to sew, rather than just whatever comes into my head.  (*Just because it 'can' be done doesn't mean that it 'has' to be done).
Therefore I decided that they would be sewn into the backing of the quilt.
Then, I needed to decide on how to sew them together.  For the same reason as above.*, I discarded ideas that seemed to require a lot of planning and sewing.  I finally decided on a variation of this design idea:
It was a quilt I'd seen some time ago called Random Reflections by  KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy.
press here  to go to the free pattern download at the Moda Bake Shop
I've also seen one or two other versions of this idea, and i really like the look of the quilts.
I decided to use this stacked fabric idea on a large scale.
The pieces for the quilt had all been cut as strips across the width of the fabric, so the leftovers were all quite neat, and I didn't need to cut them any furthur. 
The quilt top is 72 inches wide, and so to make the backing wide enough, all I needed to do was add another 36 inches of white to the 43-44" of colored fabrics.  I just cut a white rectangle the same width as each colored strip (and 36 inches long), and then roughly divided it into 2 pieces as I sewed it onto the ends of the colored strips.
I just laid the strips out on the floor as I sewed, so that I could stop when the backing was about the right length.
That's where I am now.  I need to sew the horizontal strips together now.
 Like I said earlier, I really like the look of these stacked rectangles!  It reminds me of a stack of books you might see on a coffee table, not too neatly lined up, which is a common sight around my house!
Have a great day!


  1. What a fabulous idea!!! I will have to try that myself someday!! Can't wait to see it completed!

    Thank you for linking back to me too :)

  2. I like this idea! :) Also... it is better to "live in the moment" and be creative and finish the project rather than thinking about the next project. I am soooo bad for that!

  3. thank heavens i am not the only person who does that! i am forever looking at fabric (or yarn) and thinking 'i could do such and such with that'. i finally realized what i was doing and now am trying to stop myself and think 'do i really WANT to do that? or am i just aware that i COULD do that...' sometimes it's important to leave a creation for someone else to do....

  4. It looks wonderful! Looking forward to seeing it done.

  5. Thanks for your comments! It is good to know that we are gaining some wisdom as we age. m


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