Sunday, January 9, 2011

Window shopping in L.A.

Yesterday R went to his meetings, so I had the day to wander around on my own. 
So, I did lots of window shopping!
First, there are some interesting displays in the windows of restaurants:
These are some 3-D origami swans.  I'm not sure what paper they used to make them, but they are quite pretty.  There is tons of origami paper available in the shops here in Little Tokyo.
Sometimes, you don't need origami paper though-- these roses are made from one-dollar bills.  I imagine that to give someone a rose like this is to wish them good fortune and prosperity.
This little tiger is prowling among the menu dishes in the window of a Japanese restaurant.  The Chinese New Year is coming up in a couple of weeks, so we are at the end of the year of the tiger, and will be entering the year of the Rabbit!
These bells are in a "window" built into a wall. 

 I was on my way over to West Hollywood.  I'm not too interested in Hollywood Boulevard where all the craziness is, but there are some other nice areas over there.  A while ago I got a knitting book called "Greetings From the Knit Cafe", written by the owner of a yarn store/coffe shop.  I found the address of where it was supposed to be, on Melrose Ave.,  but when I arrived there, all I found were high end designer shops like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, and in the spot where the Knit Cafe was supposed to be was Diane von Furstenburg. :(
Apparently the area got quite upscale a few years ago, and the Knit Cafe was forced out by economic forces-- which is a shame, because it was partly because of such hip shops that the area became popular.
One of the designer shops really caught my eye because of the window displays.  The wedding gowns are all placed in fairy tale settings:   (sorry for the glare on the window glass)

 At one point, I noticed a little space between buildings filled with interesting bric-a-brac,
 More windows found more interesting animals:

Another street that has amazing shopping opportunities is West Third Avenue.   It is where I went to search out a "newer" yarn store called "Knit Culture".  (They have a web site, here, but I confess that I haven't explored it yet)
I spent a "while" there cchecking out all their gorgeous products!!
Actually, it was pretty nice to be in a comfort zone like a yarn or fabric store with beautiful samples, books, incredible yarns!!!  They have a really beautiful range of colors, and stock a lot of lovely yarns, lots of silk and cashmere, merino, angora, Noro, Koigu.....
 This scarf really caught my eye, and it is a free download on their site: (here)
Yes, I confess, I purchased the yarns and intend to make one, but who knows what it might evolve into....
I had such a great time just enjoying all the wools, and also got some lovely soft yarn in a light robin's egg blue shade --- hopefully enough to make a short sweater.  
They had some nice fingerless gloves made up, and I am interested in them right now, so started a pair this morning.  
The store person who rung up my purchases kindly offered to wind a couple of my skeins into balls, and so I went a couple of doors down to a fabulous French cafe (Little Next Door) for coffee while she did that. 

 Cappucino and an orange flavored madeleine, perfection.
I went back, picked up my yarn, and went back to the hotel.
To be continued....... (in which I go to a very posh restaurant for dinner)


  1. it's always a lovely thing to find a 'comfort zone' when travelling - and for me as well it usually involves fabric or wool! and yarn makes the most perfect souvenir - every time you look at it, work with it and wear it after the trip is over, it evokes memories of the time and place.
    loved the window shots! looking forward to more stories!

  2. Happy New Year Michelle...thanks for popping by to check out my rug! Looks like you are having fun exploring...LOL...we sure don't have store fronts like that in Toon Town...such eye candy! Have fun...looking forward to seeing your new wool creations. Cheers, Susan


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