Thursday, January 6, 2011

This time, it really was an early morning to get out and about.  This is because we went over to the Getty Villa, to which we had to pre-book a timed entry ticket. 
It was a bit of a bus ride from downtown, almost 1-1/2 hours, but it went pretty quickly, (unlike the bus ride home which seemed to go on for-ev-er!)
 The Getty Museum has 2 locations in Los Angeles.  This is the smaller of the two, but it is in a beautiful setting, as it overlooks the ocean.
The photo above shows the reflecting pool, and the museum at the end of it.
The plan for the building is based on the House of the Faun, which was a villa in Herculaneum that was buried and preserved under volcanic ash along with Pompeii. 
 This is me,
and a beautiful stone mosaic floor.  Doesn't it look like a beautiful quilt pattern?
 Pattern is all around. 
 I love to go to places where pattern has been so thought out, and considered, so that it is a joy for people to be there. 
 And yet nature contains pattern that isn't contrived, but is beautiful as well. 

 Wouldn't it be lovely to look out a window in your house and see beautiful formal plantings?
 This branch of the Getty houses the antiquities stuff -- lots of sculpture and Roman glass.
 And this is the reflecting pool seen from the other end:
 And a hallway leaving the museum leading to the parking structure:
 The museum is in Malibu, barely, just north of Santa Monica. 
 It was a pleasure to see the ocean.
 Even though it was not too sunny today, it was nice to see the water and hear the surf. 
 We took the bus back through Santa Monica along the oceanside road, and got off when we got to Venice. 
 There we walked along the "Boardwalk" which is actually just paved, but is filled with vendors and buskers, and tables set up with people selling things.  It is an interesting walk if you like people watching.  Muscle Beach is along there too, where the body builders show off, but sadly there weren't any today -- must have been too cold.  I imagine that the place is quite different in the height of summer. 
 So from one type of art to another.  People just have to create.


  1. Wow - you are seeing some lovely and fascinating things. Thanks for including me in the trip via the photos:)Love them!

  2. Wow looks marvellous. I love the pattern of the seeds in a sunflower, it's like miracle!


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