Thursday, January 13, 2011


Our final day in Los Angeles was pretty relaxing.
We set out on foot from the hotel and went to the Japanese museum, then walked a few blocks toward Union Station to El Pueblo and Olivera Street, the oldest area of L.A.  There was a nice church there, where a wedding was taking place:

 We had a nice lunch at a great Mexican restaurant! 
 You might be wondering why a post entitled Chinatown has started off with Spanish/Mexican content, but that is because the areas are right next to each other.  So you just cross the street....
 And you are in Chinatown:
 beautifully colored painted buildings:

 And lots of lanterns strung up over the streets.
 I'm not sure if they are always up, or whether it was because of the upcoming Chinese New Year's festivals.

 This street was a bit quieter, but had more interesting products than the busier street shown above, which was mainly souvenirs and restaurants.  Here, there were some nice antique places.

Of course I found room in my suitcase to bring home lots of paper lanterns!


  1. my grandfather used to send me treats from chinatown in vancouver - my favorite was the paper flowers that bloom when you put them in water.
    and doesn't the pattern of the dragons and the bricks look like something that could end up as a quilt?

  2. yeah, molly, I thought that about the street pattern too!!
    I've never seen that kind of paper flowers, but I did have those water things that grew into some sort of underwater plant in bright pink that were sometimes advertised on the back of comics...


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