Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching Up

 Lately it has been a real sewing spree around here.  I have had some really nice times of getting together with friends to quilt!
It's fun to start a couple of new projects just to try out a new technique, or to use a group of fabrics that I love.
At the same time, I've been sewing a few samples for the store, and the quilt below is one of them.  It will be a new pattern that starts with a Jelly roll (forty 2-1/2" strips).
I wanted to start quilting it last night, but I'd forgotten to get a backing while I was at the store.  So I rummaged around in my sewing room and found a nice piece of soft red cotton velvet. 
 It is a bit heavier than a regular cotton backing, but I thought why not give it a try?  I didn't quilt it very closely, just a diagonal grid of wavy lines.  I hope to stitch the binding later today.

And this afternoon I also sewed the #12 Sampler Blocks:

I always intend to work ahead, but that never seems to happen.


  1. I love your new jelly roll quilt. Very pretty! I always have good intentions to get things done in good time too but sometimes life gets in the way - c'est le vie! Can't wait to see the new quilt (and feel the back)!!

  2. Michelle,
    It was so lovely of you all to come for a visit. I've been inspired since you left and have done 3 crazy quilt panels to put together as a small wall hanging. I'm totally amazed that a)it went together so quickly, b)that I enjoyed something so darn random, c)that it looks pretty decent and d)that I have totally forgotten any embroidery stitches that I knew!!
    So now I'm trying to figure out if I embroider on it first and then sandwich and quilt or if I do it the other way around.
    Love the top quilt that you were working on - lovely colors but you didn't say what the pattern was.

  3. love the idea of cotton velvet for a backing - also, it seems to me that red is a cozier colour than any other! silly, i know, but there you go!

  4. Thanks Patti and Bernie, the pattern is really simple, it's four-patches and plain blocks set in a trip around the world way!
    @Bernie, way to go on the crazy patch, I think I'll go look for my crazy quilt and try to take some photos to post,... try to get them up in the next few days, hopefully it's still light enough to not use the flash,
    Molly, I know what you mean about red, but i think that's pretty universal, what with fire and all,, hope the sheepskin is cozy too!!

  5. Hi Michelle! I really like the pink and green sampler block a lot! I don't do any quilting but I imagine how soft the cotton velvet is!

  6. oh yes - the sheepskin is very, very cozy - just perfect for this kind of weather!


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