Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today is a nice Saturday, not too cold, and every so often, more snow flutters past the window.
I am trying to do some machine quilting!
It is a quilt top that uses a panel by Thimbleberries, surrounded by quite a few borders, that we had a couple years ago at the shop. 
I thought the borders would be a good place to practice some free motion motifs-- so far I did a loopy thing in the green, and some leaves in the yellow part.  Maybe I'll do a feathered something in the red parts,.. hmm.


  1. Lovely! How do you baste? I hate pins. I see none are your quilt - or thread. Is it fused? I need advice here...

  2. it's a comfort that someone who is such a good quilter feels she needs to practise...eases up the pressure on the rest of us! who truly do need practice...

  3. "practice" --it's just ongoing, isn't it


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