Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where I'm at...

I thought I should mention that I am still up at the lake, where I've been for some time now.  We are planning to sell the cabin here-- hopefully this spring or summer, and there are jobs that have to be done before it is ready to be for sale.  So, I have been here working at things like: putting down tile floor in the bathroom, kitchen and entryway.  Sanding the wood floors (pine) and varethane-ing them. Doing baseboards. 
Well, that doesn't take long to describe, but it sure does take a long time to actually do.  I like to do this sort of thing, so it's fine. It was a bit of a sudden decision to put the cabin up for sale, though, so that's why I am doing it all at once at such short notice. 
Unfortunately, it is all pretty messy and dusty, which means that things haven't been too conducive to sewing!  I did bring up a little fabric, but only have spent about 2 hours sewing during the last week. 
However, one afternoon I did a little drawing with pencil and paper, which I haven't done for ages, it seems.  It was sort of fun, and I'd forgotten that I like to draw.  It seems that usually when I draw it is a sketch for something that I plan to make later in 3-D.
Well, I just thought that I'd mention why i haven't been blogging lately! 
Also, I am sorry that I haven't posted a photo of the completed apron from last time-- I took it in to the shop, but forgot my camera that day and I've been here ever since!
Hope you all are well and enjoying the spring-like weather that I understand is happening further south of here!  


  1. well - i wouldn't say the weather here has been stellar, but it IS spring-like...messy, slushy, slippery, grey and dirty! and i did see a skein of geese flying yesterday!
    isn't it fun to rediscover a skill/activity/art that you haven't thought about for a while? oh - we're never bored...
    enjoy your time at the lake - even though you're working your butt off!

  2. Sad that so much energy has to be spent to get the cabin ready to sell. It's always that way but it would be nice to have everything updated when you are keeping it and enjoying it. Hope all goes well with your remodeling work!

  3. A woman's work is never done - seems appropriate here somehow! I bet it will look really nice when you are finished. And it's good to hear that you are taking a little time for yourself. We'll keep the homefires (shopfires?) burning!

  4. was wondering where you were:)
    bought two aprons today - not for me!! but thought I'd make them for Melissa and Rebekah....also some of the young women from church are interested in them so we might get a group together and you might need to make a few more kits:)))

  5. Yes, it always seems that there are things you intend to do (or finish) but always procrastinate on doing until it absolutely needs to get done. Each time this happens I resolve that it won't happen again! I am glad that I can count on the girls at the shop to keep it all moving along!!!
    Laurel - I am really pleased that you and the group are going to get together for an apron- making day! That is such an adorable pattern! I found the only tricky part was doing the bottom row of pleats, but it was more time-consuming than hard. Can hardly wait to see the aprons you all sew!

  6. How do you mke a decision to sell the cabin? We are thinking about selling ours but I find it really upsetting!


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