Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I really like Art Gallery Fabrics, which are designed and manufactured by Pat Bravo.  She also has a blog, which there is a link to on the side-bar.  This morning I went there to see what she was up to, and  a couple of days ago she wrote about her "Spice it up Apron", here
Isn't it cute????
And she even gives the pattern away as a free download!, here
Well, of course I was excited by how pretty it was, and so this afternoon, I got some fabrics from the shop,,
 ... by Art Gallery Fabrics, of course!!  (Why do I like them so much?  because 1. they are gorgeous, 2. they are a 200 thread count and a nice weight 3. the patterns are so clean and fresh,..)
 And then I came home and started to sew it! 
Actually, I did finish it, but will take a photo of it tomorrow, when the sun is out.  I'll take it to the shop of course, so you can see it in real life, and even try it on if you like!!


  1. she does have beautiful fabrics, doesn't she? and have you noticed how so many of us seem to be turning to 'spring' colours just now? i think our eyes and minds just crave colour after so much 'snow-time'!
    i'm looking forward to seeing the apron all finished!

  2. yes, I think the pink in the apron is the color of tulips!!!

  3. Cute apron - thanks for sharing. And the fabrics are beautiful. Also a great bag...lovely blog.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I have been into your store a number of times while visiting Saskatoon. Thank you for the link to this sassy apron. Wouldn't this look nice as a spring apron to host your Easter gathering, or maybe a hostess gift for the wonderful woman who invites you over?

  5. I love it too - made one for my daughter-in-law to be [for her shower]. It took me an evening but it worked out well.


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