Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to the Snow!

Yesterday morning I packed up my seashells and came home.  Well, we didn't quite make it home until today.  yes, another extended flight ....(our flight into Calgary was late so that the plane to Saskatoon left without us, so we were put on the 7:50a.m. flight today)
I don't mind the snow too much.  It is an ocean of white rolling waves on the prairie.
This is one more bird picture...
 and one more coffee cup,
 On Sanibel, the honeysuckle were in full bloom!

 And these are what I worked on during the travel times on airplanes, waiting in airports, driving in the car...
 I was able to finish 4 pairs of handwarmers, at least the main parts of them.  I think that I might add some buttons to the purple ones, and maybe a felted something to the plain cream-colored ones that haven't got the ends woven in yet. 
After knitting 4 pairs of plain ones in a row, I decided to start a more complicated pattern this morning.  The ones above were all 32 stitches knit on size 4.5mm needles, as usual for me.  The new blue pair I wanted to try a cable on the back, so because they usually scrunch up the gauge a bit I decided to try 40 stitches. As I get a bit farther along I'll see whether I need to decrease any stitches...
Of course as soon as we landed in Saskatoon I went to the shop to see how everything is doing there!!
 It was great to see Deb and Patti again, and some hardy shoppers!  Whenever I come back from a trip and see the store anew I am so happy at the cheery colors and the samples all around.  It is definitely a "happy place" for me!! 


  1. I was just browsing the quilt gallery - Wow! I especially love the Flying Geese and the X's and O's .... :-)

  2. welcome back! i almost made it to the shop today - but ended up at the hardware store instead... :( i love the image of the snow as white waves on the prairie, but somehow, it doesn't seem as appealling as waves on the beach just now! glad you made it home, despite all the plane delays.

  3. and i really, really like the handwarmers! so practical, here...and beautiful besides!

  4. Thanks to both,
    I am glad to be back, it's funny how a week away from your sewing room gives rise to a lot of new ideas!! lots of stuff to try out,


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