Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peek-- Black White and Bright

This morning I have been working on some patterns for the upcoming Saturday Surprise Sampler Blocks that we run at the store each year.  
This is a sneak peek at what's to come!
(sorry for the blur factor, it wasn't intentional)
 As you have noticed by now, the color scheme is "Black, White and Bright".
In working with the fabrics, I have started to group them into sets,
1. black, and black on black....
 2. White, with black prints
 3. Black, with white prints
4. Accents-- the brights, these are intense brightly colored monotone fabrics, which I haven't taken a photo of... .
the idea of the accent is that there will be a little bit of a bright color in each block.
(One thing that you can do is that if you want your accent to be the same in each block, you could just get a meter of some bright fabric that you love and substitute it in each block for the accent, and save all the varied bright pieces to use for some other project)

The first block is available on Saturday September 8th, which is fast approaching! 
This year it also co-insides with the Show and Tell of last years blocks!  Be sure to mark that on your calendar!  We will start the Show and Tell at 10 a.m. sharp!  (Don't worry, we will have coffee and refreshments if that is early for you,     and even if it's not)
If you bring your project from last year to show, then you will get the first block kit free that day!


  1. looks like a fun combination I know all who participate in the sampler will love what they have at the end of the year.
    in stitches

  2. Oh, these blocks are even better than I thought they'd be! love love love them!

  3. oh - i do love these blocks! and maybe - just maybe - i could manage to make just one block a month....surely i could!

  4. Thank you, I like the color mix too! I'm already thinking about how nice they would be with a setting of bright colored fabrics. But, yesterday I brought home all my blocks from last year, and I'm scared to count how many I have, probably about 40 or 45 in all! How many quilts is that?


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