Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild on Facebook

I started a Facebook page for the upcoming modern quilt guild ,here
So I hope that link works. There are lots of good blogs that focus on this style of quilting too, such as as a stitch in dye, freshly pieced, or many more.


  1. I'm joining up because most of the newer modern quilts (is there old modern??) are really growing on me, but I absolutely fail at pulling one off. lol This will be a great learning experience & inspiration for me.

    newer modern... seem to have a more loose and natural feel to them than the first of this modern movement - don't you think??

    anyway... I'm loving them better now. ; )

    1. you know, I think the aspect that I like about them is that they seem to be very user friendly quilts, that people really use everyday. Also, i like a lot of the quilting on them, with straight lines, and some big-stitch hand-quilting. I wish you could make the meeting, but I understand about the dragon thing.


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