Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Out and about

We are still on the loose in Houston. Having a fabulous time! Today was a beautiful day, up to the high 80's, and we drove up to Old Spring Texas for some shopping. Yesterday we went south to Galveston to sit by the ocean. Tonight we plan to take in the preview night of quilt festival where they will award prizes to the winning quilts. Tomorrow, who can say what might happen? (well, I do know that I need to obtain another suitcase). We are having a fabulous time, did I say that already...


  1. wonderful! and are those little hearts buttons? still so very envious of you ladies, but i'm beginning to get over it - although the mention of temps in the 80s shakes my resolve a bit!

  2. The little hearts are carved stones, and they are nice and smooth and glossy, and they do look nice with the gray and white fabric, today is our last day here, so we will do our last day at the quilt show, and another great restaurant. Looking forward to coming home too, though,


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