Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snow Day

First snowfall of the season....  and it is quite a lot of snow.  I decided to post lots of photos for those of you who can't just step outside into this wonderland.

the temperature is hovering around freezing point, so I don't suppose the snow will last too long, but it is pretty while it's here!

On another note, I have become quite enamoured of Chevrons.  Also known as ziz-zag quilts, or streak of lightening...   more on this later!


  1. does look pretty in the pictures! ..the snow, that is!! Your Chevron looks pretty too ! :)

  2. I'm so jealous of you right now...probably just like you may be jealous of our 80°F weather! Let's swap for a week. :D

    1. You might really like it here! so sure, I'll trade!

  3. I love the snow! My kids were out at 7 am, rolling the sticky stuff into huge snow-boulders. : ) I shovelled and then had my morning coffee outside. It's so mild, so fresh! Love it.

    Don't love the roads in the morning. I never did get in to the store today Michelle. Maybe write to me once you are back from Houston?

    Have fun!

  4. i love the snow - in the abstract! it is very beautiful, and yes, monika, it is fresh and mild, but i'm still cold, my hands have started bleeding from every knuckle and my brain is obsessed with carbohydrates! sigh - it's a long winter ahead!
    but hey! all the more reason to quilt and knit, right?

  5. Yes, just what is that mysterious connection between snow and carbs? And knitting?

  6. Love the snow on that gate!! You got some great pictures on a rather ho hum seeming kind of day as far as light goes.


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