Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini Bag with Ribbon Handles

I've started making these little bags to slip things in for gifts-- they are so easy to make, and only take about 10 minutes each.  I think that they are so fast because I'm using felted wool, and so I don't have to worry about finishing the edges or turning them under, plus the felt is thick enough to have enough body for a nice feel to the bag.
So here is the step by step description of how to!:
  gather supplies:
     a rectangle of felted wool, mine is 6" x 13"
     about 45 inches of ribbon for handles
     about 12-1/2" of ribbon for decoration
     optional applique or button to embellish the bag
  place your ribbon about an inch in from one long edge
 lay the ribbon down as a loop, making sure not to get any twists in it
 make sure the handles are equal in size, and then pin down the ribbon
top stitch the ribbon down to the base rectangle, it will look like this on the back
 fold the bag in half and stitch one of the side seams with a 1/4" seam allowance, press it open,
 top-stitch the other ribbon across the place where the raw edges of the handle ribbon meet
 sew the other side seam and press it open
"box" the bottom corners of the bag by stitching a short seam perpendicular to the side seam.  Don't stitch into the ribbon area,

 turn it inside out!
this one shows that I didn't use a second ribbon, but I just sewed a little applique over the raw ends of the handle ribbon.
Now that I've made about 8 of these, I want to try some other sizes, and maybe use a quilted rectangle.... isn't sewing fun?!!!

(update, another good size is: rectangle, 7-1/2" x 17", ribbon handle, 60")


  1. i've never thought of using an applique or a contrasting ribbon to cover up the exposed ends of the of those 'face-palm' moments! thank you!

  2. These are so wonderful Michelle! Hope you bring a couple to show us on Sunday!! :-)

  3. You had me at felted wool :) They are lovely!
    Nancy B

  4. Thanks, I am having so much fun with these! I want to do some other kinds of embellishment on them, maybe some simple embroidery, hmm.I need to rummage around my sewing room for little treasures that I have stashed, and actually put them to good use!


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