Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ribbon Inspirations

I am pretty excited about ribbon lately. 
Yesterday we got some new ribbons delivered, and we have even more exciting new ribbons coming in early December and early January.
At quilt Market we saw some great samples made with them -- these photos are all from the Renaissance Ribbons booth:
there are some great designer ribbons available that co-ordinate with their fabrics!

I love the green cushion-- fun gathered ribbon flower, the crossed ribbon, the echo quilting!

fun tote bag, uses a lot of Kaffe ribbons,

these cushions are so fun, I like the woven ribbons on the cushion!


easy pincushions

what about hanging in a hoop? you wouldn't need to finish the edges with beading,

placemats, napkin rings, little purses,

journal covers,

more fun stuff

cute bow tie on the christmas cushion
So many great ideas using ribbons!  Which to start with???  (I have some projects in the works!!!)


  1. oh michelle! (with a slight nasal whine in my voice) you already know about my button addiction, my cat-fabric addiction - how on earth did you find out about my ribbon addiction? not fay-yur! (with a bit more of a nasal whine!)
    can't wait to see all the new lovelies! hee hee!

  2. Yes, I have an unerring sense of your weaknesses, since I happen to share them,


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