Friday, January 4, 2013

Boston is cold!

We came to Boston last night and my plan was to do a lot of walking around to see the sights. But today was really really cold, and I bought gloves and a scarf that I wrapped around my head. Even though the temperature didn't seem so bad, the humidity and the strong wind made it hard to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time. We're staying at a pretty central location, with a lot of churches and of course a very upscale shopping area,
I really enjoyed all the old sewing machines and other industrial fixtures at spitalfields, and of course Anthropologie is always great to browse through their amazing displays.
Tonight it seemed that the wind wasn't so bad so I hope tomorrow will be fun, I plan to go to the Art Museum!


  1. Gorgeous! Enjoy the museum… So jealous!

  2. Beautiful!! I hope you have a great time even with the cold! The last time I was in Boston it was just that cold - it felt painful to be outside! Let me know when you are back, ok? xoxo, Silke

  3. even looks cold in your pictures! But it also looks like you're getting to see some fun things. The tea towel with the kissing birds is adorable! Actually, I'd take all the tea towels in the display, (the bacon and eggs one is crazy,lol)! Keep enjoying!

  4. I liked the tea towels too! Today wasn't nearly as cold as yesterday, thank goodness, the art museum was really great, just vast. Saw and took photos of some inspiring artwork, but not using my iPad so I can't upload any photos right now, I think. They had a good show about post cards.
    Silke, I should be back on Sunday, are you up for coffe or something next week? as it says in one of the photos above, coffe is always a good idea!
    Patti and Carly-- have a good time at the meeting on Sunday, I'm sorry to miss it! M

  5. Enjoy Boston Michelle and give Fenway a nod for me please!
    Look forward to seeing you soon!
    Nancy b

  6. I like the tea towels as well -- not sure I would want all those plates hanging above my bed though!


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