Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursdays plan

I have an ambitious list of sewing projects for today!
1. Finish the quilting on my current quilt in progress. It is in really happy colors, and is made from a jelly roll, with a pattern I have already gotten written..
2. Make this new Owlivia pillow, which I think ills quilt first before cutting and sewing-- well at lest I want to get this started
3. Pick out some fabric for placemats that will feature some of the new ribbon


  1. I love the bright colours in your new quilt!
    I know it is LQS day and sorry I can't come and visit , wish I could! Still enjoying the sun and sans..but missing my quilting!

  2. I too love the bright colours in the quilt - happy sewing day!!

  3. Wow, love the colours on the new quilt!! So vibrant and I like the pattern to!

  4. Oh those colors are SO pretty!!! : )

    Love the quilting.


  5. Thanks, I like the colors too, and I got the quilt finished today!, it's even been washed! Got Owlivia done as well. Placemats morphed into a table runner, which I hope to finish soon.

  6. so glad you had a fun (and productive!) day - i'm stalled in the doldrums of january and fear that they soon will be followed by the doldrums of february...but the colours of the quilt inspire me and the little owlivia is just grand! i shall carry on carrying on - and maybe treat myself to playing with some of my own pretty colours - perhaps that will jumpstart my brain! thanks for sharing!

  7. The quilt is fabulous. I love the colours too! Can't wait to see Owlivia in person; love her bright happy colours.


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