Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ribbon brainstorming

I still haven't worked out what to do for a ribbon based challenge for the store. In the meantime, I did bring home some ribbon because I just had to possess some of it. Now I'm thinking about how to use some in a project and so I returned to some of the photos I took at quilt market in the Renaissance Ribbon booth.
Notebook cover, cushion, tote bag, pincushion, napkin ring, placemats, wall hanging, .....
I'm currently leaning toward placemats....


  1. oddly enough, i am also leaning towards placemats! my daughter's anniversary is coming up....she needs placemats...voila! will get to sort through my stash to find some suitable fabric....then will probably go buy more!
    and i love the ribbons on placemats...

  2. All the ribbon projects are so fun looking and pretty with the ribbons. I'm leaning toward a pillow but haven't decided for sure!

  3. How easy would it be to use a wide ribbon as an inner border? I might try that in my next baby quilt.


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