Wednesday, January 9, 2013

string quilt

I did a lot of binding of quilts before Christmas.  I had the idea that it would be good to have some on hand for Christmas gifts. 
This string quilt was made from lots of pretty pink and green and white fabrics.  Most of them were from Three Sisters, and some from a Tula Pink jelly roll that I had.
It is just a pretty summery quilt. 
I need to figure out  some sort of device to hang quilts up temporarily to take photos.  I don't want to put hanging sleeves on the back of quilts that are meant to go on a bed, so maybe it would need some sort of clips. 


  1. 'pretty, summery quilt'.....words to warm the heart on this dark and snowy day!

  2. I love the colours! My kind of quilt ;) Maybe those drapery clips will work for hanging? As Molly mentioned, a perfect quilt for this dreary January day! Thanks for the "pick-me-up"!

  3. Its been pretty overcast here as well, so I think I needed some pretty color pick me up too. I went online and ordered a bunch more solids for the store, lots of pinks, yellows and reds! Looking forward to getting back to see all the pretty shot cottons, M

  4. So pretty!

    I have no advice on quilt hanging for photos. I'm still trying to come up with a system...

  5. Very soft, spring quilt. Good to look at on overcast days.
    I use binder clips, not bulldog clips, found at Staples. I have a curtain rod attached near the ceiling where I can get a full photo of the quilt. The rod stays in place. Sometimes I keep a quilt hanging for a short while, just depends on whether I would like to admire it before it goes to its new home. When I want to photo shoot the quilt I take the rod down, clip the quilt on with the clips, hang back up and shoot. Just make sure the clips are large enough to go over the rod. Hope this might have been some help.


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