Thursday, July 3, 2014

Variation on a bucket bag

One of the basic bag shapes is a bucket bag, where a cylinder is sewn to a shaped base.  This is a photo from the book by Yoko Saito called, New Classic Patch Work
One of the bags I love in it is called the Tailgate tote,
It uses this really cute little block,
The tall, tapered shape appealed to me, but I wasn't in the mood to do all of the piecing of the little blocks.  Instead I pieced a very simple stack of rectangles, laid them on the background fabric, and covered the raw edges with ribbon.
The sewing was pretty straightforward

I used Annie's soft n Stable for the batting,
Had some fun with a combination of straight line and free motion quilting in a wood grain pattern,
The handles started as rectangular fabric covered soft n stable, with the middle area rolled over and stitched to make that part more ciylindrical
The side seams are covered in an integrated seam binding, but the seams at the base are just zig-zagged.  I suppose I could have slip stitched on another circle of fabric to cover them, but....
I'm happy to report that I have already used it as a take along knitting project bag!   
I still like the shape a lot, so perhaps I will do a peiced taupe version at some point!, maybe varying the size a bit,
I'm starting to wonder where to put all the bags that I've been sewing lately.  Any good ideas for bag organization and storage?


  1. organization? for bags? no way that happens around here! manymany little project bags - scattered in different rooms, each with their own sock project (hey, you never know when you might wake up in the middle of the night and need to knit a row or two!). 'shopping/toting' sized bags, in the kitchen and by the door - perfect for setting things in that i need to remember to take to work or to market. and bags hanging on every door-handle in the house! hee hee!
    organization? i think not....

    1. Well a positive thing is that they are in use. Sometimes I am annoyed that I've gone someplace with things in an old plastic shopping bag, or with no bag at all, just a slippery stack of stuff on the car seat,


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