Saturday, July 26, 2014

progress on Hexies

I've been working on this project on and off for a year or two.  It is done with English paper piecing.  
lots of bright colors set of with black and white
And having just spent a few days up at the lake with no Wi-Fi, I finished piecing the central unit. Hurray,  i even had some prepared hexies to use for something else...
I'd initially planned for the diamond shapes to run vertically, and to add a pieced panel above and below them. However I'm not that excited about the project to commit to all that work
Instead I've decided that the big diamonds will go from side to side
So I appliquéd the whole thing down onto some black borders. I suppose I have to figure out what to do next whether to add some bright borders or to quilt it as is,   
 Any ideas?


  1. i'm rather partial to the black edging, but then black is my 'go-to' colour for just about everything!

    1. i think the black looks good too, but maybe adding something outside the black,...


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