Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A pencil case

Well it's pretty warm out today so this afternoon I am going to spend some time in my  sewing room before working in the garden later this afternoon. (by working in my garden I mean that I wander  around with a glass of something cold and water the plants.)

Anyway, I picked up some hand stitching the other day
I started this project last January I think. It is sort of like doodling on fabric.
It's totally inspired by a Japanese woman who has some gorgeous embroidery.  Yumiko Higuchi, (I blogged about her here

After I finished that piece shown above I was still in the mood to stitch so I sketched out a simple row of flowers on the piece of linen.

They were pretty quick to embroider and as I was stitching I thought about  a project i had been wanting to make from a  book I have called Zakka Style, 
It features  little stitched on corners at the bottom and its made out of wool. I decided to just put wool on the back and use my stitching for the front of the pencil case.

I had an orange zipper on hand so I decided to make the lining orange.

I'm pretty happy with it, and I'm really happy to have a pencil case. It's a bit deeper than normal so I'm sure it will be handy for other things too. Now I think I'll try to find Something brown to add for a zipper pull....details, details....


  1. Hi Michelle: Great pencil case. I was in your store on Wednesday afternoon and saw your other pencil cases you've shown here, as well as your lovely store. I left with some John James sewing needles and 11 squares of your hand-dyed wool. I'm glad I got to visit your store in person since I'm from Winnipeg.


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