Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bloc Loc Rulers

we have a new ruler available called the Bloc-Loc Ruler.  
it is used to square up half square triangle units. 
the special part about it is that it has a recessed channel that locks over the seam, holding it in place while you trim.
this picture shows the wring side of the unit, so you can see how the seam just nestles into the groove:

it doesnt matter whether the unit is right side up, or right side down, 
the 3-1/2" ruler will trim units up to that size, so for example i could use the ruler for smaller pieces, like 2-1/2" square ones, 

right now we just have the 3-1/2" size, although we have orders in for larger ones which will probably arrive later in August.  
however, we also have them for Flying Geese units, and Half -square Rectangle units,( which actually have two rulers in the package,)
I really like the ruler, although it is a bit pricy at 18.50, but it sure does work well, 


  1. what a great idea!! on my Christmas list :)

  2. loc blocks are great.... pricey or not.... as my quilt life goes on I am doing more small blocks and this tool is wonderful.


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