Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Class List for the autumn is now available!  
 and open for you to register for something exciting!

The list is posted in various places....

On the wall on clipboards,


on a calendar,  

and of course on the web-page, here
It is pretty exciting to offer a wider variety again!   Sandy has worked up a bunch of new technique classes,  I am even teaching a couple of classes myself!  (Embroidery and Learn to Sew)
Classes are usually a combination of learning and socializing,
But if you are really in it mostly for the socializing, we've got a couple of drop in and sew times--- Sunday mornings with Val, where you can do machine sewing for $5,  and a new time, Thursdays from 5 to 9 for handwork , which is totally free!

Looking forward to the classroom being a busy place this fall

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